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Welcome to my webpage! I am Professor of Applied Economics and Jean Monnet Chair Holder at the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, University of Cantabria in Spain. My research interests are public and economic policy, particularly those associated with privatization, in the EU, OECD and beyond. I have published papers on these and other related topics in leading journals, including Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy & Society, Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of Common Market Studies, Review of International Political Economy, Regional Studies, Journal of Regulatory Economics, and so on. I serve as editor across many journals and book series. I am Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Economic Policy Reform, co-editor of Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, and Cambridge Elements in Public Policy. I serve on the Editorial Boards of Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Utilities Policy, Policy Design and Practice, Policy and Society, amongst others. I was awarded the Ramón y Cajal Fellowship in 2005, the Fulbright-Schuman Research Fellow at Cornell University, Fall, 2014, and the Jean Monnet Chair in 2017.

I received my DPhil. in Political Economy from the University of Oxford in 1997 (St Antony´s College) after completing a Masters in Contemporary International Studies (awarded Distinction) at the University of Leeds in 1993. I have lectured at the University of Oxford, Leeds, Cornell and Oviedo and been a Visiting Research Scholar at El Colegio de México, Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset-Madrid, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas-Madrid, Cornell and the European University Institute-Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies-Florence.



Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
University of Cantabria
39005 Cantabria



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